Canadian Property Analysis Software

A successful landlord needs to make wise real estate investments and charge the right rent.
This software takes the guesswork out of your rental property analysis.

  • Analyze apartment buildings, single family dwellings, multi-plexes, vacation properties and more. 
  • Written specifically for the Canadian investor with Canadian bank formulas, tax rules, etc.
  • Calculate your optimal offer price. 
  • Forecast how much rent to charge to make a profit. 
  • Concise, top-quality reports - influence the opinion of a buyer, seller, partner or lender. 
  • Compatible with any Windows, Mac or Linux 
  • Easy to use. The software guides you step-by-step, revealing more forms only after you've completed required forms. This makes the process virtually fool proof. 
  • Analyze unlimited rental units - analyze one building with one unit or multiple properties with a thousand units each. This software grows along with your real estate investment portfolio.

Affordable, One Time Cost: Property Analysis software often sells for over $300, or has ongoing monthly fees; but you can get this easy-to-use, Excel based version for less than $40 (one time cost). Isn't it wise to invest $40 to avoid making a $400,000 mistake?   

Become a successful landlord. 

Order Real Estate Investment Software and take the guesswork out of your property investments

Real Estate Investor Valuation Software
Save money by evaluating potential income properties before you invest in them.

Earn money by calculating the best rents to set for each rental unit to make sure the building nets you an income.

If you are not satisfied with your software purchase, you can return it for a full refund within one full year!

No Risk Money Back Guarantee:
If you are not completely satisfied with your software purchase you can return it for a full refund within one full year - that's right - One Full Year - Guaranteed!

Real Estate Investor Software include two spreadsheets: 
one for software compatible with Excel 2003 and earlier - and another for software compatible with Excel 2007 and later.  One purchase gets you both versions for maximum compatibility with your software - whether you are on Mac, PC or Linux.

An investment of less than $40 could help you access the best real estate opportunities.

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