Can I have more than one mortgage on the property?
You can enter multiple loans and mortgages  (e.g. primary mortgage, second mortgage, line of credit, loan, etc.).
You can enter up to 5 mortgages & loans from 1 year to 25 years.
You also have the flexibility to enter fixed-rate and interest-only rates, and weekly, by-weekly or monthly payments.

View the Mortgage & Data sheet to enter or alter your Mortgage information.
View the Amortization Chart sheet to quickly see when your loans and mortgage principal will be at any given year.

Can the software tell me what rents to charge?
Rental prices depend on the quality and location of the property.  We don't know your building or your neighbourhood, but you can ask your realtor, or compare your property to others in your market to find a potential range of rents you can expect to get.

Use the Rental Data Sheet to enter any range of rents you expect to receive.  Then experiment with those numbers to discover how much rent you will need to charge to cover your costs, and find your sweet-spot - the best rents to quickly attract and keep renters in the building by offering competitive rates while still earning you the profit you want.

Can the software locate the best rental properties to invest in?
No. This software does not list properties for sale.  But once you find a potential property to buy, this software can help you evaluate the property to see if it would make a profitable investment for you.

The software can analyze one building with one unit or multiple properties with a thousand units each. The software grows along with your real estate investment portfolio.

Save each building to analyze it again in the future, or compare multiple investment properties to discover which one has the best potential return on your investment.

You should always count the costs before making any decision. This real estate software provides a better way to evaluate rental properties and allows you to make smarter investment decisions.

Which bank formulas does the software use?  Will the results be accurate for my country?
Real Estate Investor Software has three separate versions.  Each version was written specifically for Canadian, American & British investors using their country's bank formulas, tax rules, etc.

Make sure you order the correct version for the country where your mortgages and loans are held.  If you are not in the USA, Canada or UK, you can still use the software, but the results will not be quite as accurate.

Does the software take taxes into consideration?  
Yes, make sure you purchase the version for your country. Versions are available for  USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Bonus sheets are also included to help with expense tracking and tax calculations:

  • Federal tax sheet - includes website data for States or Provinces for your convenience
  • Owners sheet - useful in tracking information regarding properties you've purchased and their related expenses.
  • Deductible expenses – this function allows you to track what expenses can be deducted from taxes. These are essentially non-capital expenses that can be easily tracked with Real Estate Investor Software.
  • Non-deductible expenses – this program allows for the tracking of all capital expenditures related to your property purchase.

Can this be used as Property Management software?
No, although the software includes some bonus sheets (see above), the software is primarily for analyzing potential rental property purchases before you invest in them.  Real Estate Investor Software provides an easy, low cost way to evaluate rental properties to help you to make smarter investment decisions.

Is Real Estate Investor Software compatible with my computer?
Real Estate Investor Software is a Spreadsheet that works with your existing spreadsheet program - such as Excel or Open Office - on any computer:  PC, Mac or Linux.

The Canadian, American and Britain versions of Real Estate Investor Software include two spreadsheets - one for software compatible with Excel 2003 and earlier - and another for software compatible with Excel 2007 and later.  One purchase gets you both versions for maximum compatibility with your software - whether you are on Mac, PC or Linux.

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