How to use REIS

The information and videos below will walk you through each sheet in the software, to help you know what to fill in, and how to use the results:  
(all examples are using the Canadian version, displayed in Excel 2007 on a PC.  However, all the information provide will work the same across all spreadsheet programs, and versions, on Mac, PC or Linux).

First view of the software, and how to enable Macros

The video above demonstrates:
  1. When you first open Real Estate Investor Software, you will a "Read Me" sheet and a single form to fill out. This simplicity is to make it easier to enter data with less confusion.  Once you fill in the information on the first sheet, the next sheets will appear.
  2. Depending on the security settings on your computer, you may be prevented from adding photos or using the drop-down menu to quickly jump to other pages.  To enable these features, simply go to Options and click on "Enable Macros".

Step 1:  How to fill in the Property Data sheet

The above video demonstrates how to fill in the first sheet - General Information & Property Data.
This information includes:
  • Number of units in the building
  • Number of mortgages (including loans, lines of credits) for the building
    (up to 5 loans/mortgages can be added)
  • Costs involved in purchasing the property: taxes, insurance, etc.

Step 2:  How to fill in the Mortgage Data sheet

The above video demonstrates how to fill in the second sheet - the Mortgage Data sheet.

  • You can have up to 5 mortgages and loans
    e.g.  primary and secondary mortgages, lines of credit, loans, etc.
  • Enter the total Cost of the Building in the first field
  • Below the cost of the building, you can enter any down-payments (which may include the other mortgage/loan information that you are using as a downpayment as demonstrated in this video)
  • Enter your interest rates - as posted/negotiated with your lenders
  • Enter mortgage term & period  (See the Read Me sheet within the software for definitions of these terms)
  • Select either weekly, by-weekly or monthly payments
  • Select whether you will be paying interest only, or making payments for principal and interest. 
  • Enter the date you expect to take over the property, and the date of your first mortgage payment (for example, if I pay my mortgage monthly, the first mortgage payment I make will be one month after I take over the building). 

  • Once this data is entered, you will be able to view the Amortization Chart sheet to quickly see when your loans and mortgage principal will be at any given year.

Step 3:  How to fill in the Income & Expense sheet

  • The Income & Expense Data sheet shows all the information associated with the monthly costs of operating the property. 
  • In this step, you will include the percentages associated with rental increase, rental value, potential building improvements and potential realty fees in the event you sell the property.

Step 4:  How to fill in the Rental Data sheet

  • The program will remember how many units are in the building, and prompt you to enter the monthly rent you plan on charging for each unit. 
  • Once this data is entered, you will be able to view the Rental Information sheet to see how your rental income grows over 25 years.  This growth is based on the Annual Rental Increase percentage you provided on the Income & Expense sheet.

Step 5:  Review your Results & Discover the property potential.

  • This video will start showing the Income Expectation sheet at 0:30 - It shows how to find out if the property can be profitable, and how to find the optimal purchase price, mortgage/loan rates you may need to negotiate for, what rental prices you need to charge, etc.
  • The video also demonstrates how Real Estate Investor Software estimates your future property value over the next 25 years.
  • Find out how much will you earn as a Landlord this year or next? How much will you make if you sell the building in 5 years? 10 years? Or how much profit you earn from rent now and in the future. 

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